Online Tutoring

Online Tuition provides an opportunity for children to achieve their academic potential from the comfort of their home environment. Throughout Social Distancing, I have established a loyal and committed base of students who each wish to make progress and are doing so. I use very effective yet simple to use technology in order to engage students with a range of abilities and use my knowledge of the Primary Curriculum to make further progress.


With experience of teaching all primary age groups, with Year 6 and SATs preparation a specialty, I am an accomplished and competent professional.


I have a broad range of strategies and approaches which prove highly effective at helping to support students in their learning. I can be booked for private tutoring sessions, usually to take place via video call and offer a flexible approach to learning which focuses on the child and works to suit the whole family.

Year 6- Place Value

Use this video if your child is about to start Year 6 in Primary School to help familiarise them with ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten and hundred thousands before they start back at school.

Year 5.

Build your child's confidence by watching this short video and completing the tasks together. A great introduction to Place Value for that year group.

Year 4.

This video refreshes the topic of Place Value and demonstrates the value of digits in any number. Remind your child of the basics and see some of the online strategies I use to help support learning in this year group.

Year 3.

Use this video to remind your child of Place Value- the value of digits in numbers including ones, tens and hundreds.

Year 2.

Practise counting in ones, tens and hundreds and then join my video with your child to learn the basics of Place Value- the foundation of learning maths and understanding number!